ART Midrange

Compact ground surveillance radar

ART Midrange is a high-resolution surveillance radar system designed to address the demands of the Security and Defense market in two key applications: unregulated border surveillance and critical infrastructure protection. This high-resolution radar detects and tracks individuals and vehicles before, during and eventually after the trespassing of land borders or during their approach to security perimeter fences, walls or protection zones of critical infrastructure installations.

This state-of-the-art radar can be combined with electro-optical platforms such as ART Optronic Platform and ART HMI Multi-sensor Command and Control Software to obtain an industry leading integrated solution. The combination of these three devices provides a complete situational awareness system suitable for early threat detection, classification and management tasks in every environment.


Complete 360 degrees coverage providing wide area surveillance (>78 km2)


Fast 1 Hz scan rate in all operational modes to provide early target confirmation.


State-of-the-art detection range for personnel and light vehicles & minimum detectable target radar cross section (<0,01m2).


Continuous wave linear frequency modulated radar with inherent LPI characteristics.