ART Drone Sentinel

Industry leader micro-UAV detection & tracking with 360 degree coverage

ART Drone Sentinel is a high performance drone detection radar and counter small unmanned aerial vehicle (C-UAS) integrated surveillance system. ART Midrange, a field proven state-of-the-art radar sensor, has been optimized for very low radar cross section airborne threat detection and tracking, such as micro drones and UAVs. The radar provides early detection, warning and tracking functionality and can be complemented by an optronic platform to feature day & night classification capabilities. ART Drone Sentinel also includes an intuitive GIS-powered multi-sensor command and control software suite that provides a common operative picture for unsurpassed airspace situational awareness.

This UAV detection radarĀ was awarded the Best Detection and Determination System prize in the international anti-drone contest organized by the MITRE corporation (USA Countering Unmanned Aircraft Systems C-UAS Challenge) as part of the DroneRANGER system presented by Van Cleve and Associates.

ART Drone Sentinel performance has been experimentally validated with representative targets under the supervision of a key European end-user. This drone radar detects, tracks and classifies micro quadcopters and micro fixed-wing UAVs with radar cross sections below 0.005 m2. In addition, the system can provide simultaneous ground based target detection & tracking.


Complete 360 degree coverage with a single unit to enable total C-UAS situational awareness.


Fast 1 Hz scan rate in all operational modes to provide early target confirmation.


State-of-the-art detection range for micro drones & minimum detectable target radar cross section (<0,01m2).


Continuous wave linear frequency modulated radar with inherent LPI characteristics.