Ikusi and ART sign anti-drone systems partnership agreement

Madrid, March 7th 2020.

Ikusi, a system integrator and engineering services company for business digital transformation, and Advanced Radar Technologies (ART), a R&D focused company that develops state of the art radar systems for Security, Defense and Space, signed a new partnership that allows Ikusi to integrate anti-drone systems using ART technology.

The new partnership aims to offer countermeasures to ensure efficiently the safety of critical infrastructures against a wide scope of threats such as drone intrusions.

Throughout its more than 40 years of experience, Ikusi has provided technological solutions in more than 140 airports across 30 countries, serving more than 500 million passengers. In addition, ART has developed technology to provide integrated solutions capable of detecting, tracking, classifying and intercepting current and emerging air threats related to unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). ART anti-drone sensors are distinguished by its 3D radars which are capable of providing a measure of the flight altitude of targets and have different detection ranges to meet the requirement of different applications. ART radars are field-proven and are currently operating in a wide range of scenarios.

The partnership between Ikusi’s integrating solutions and ART cutting-edge technology harnesses the strengths of both companies. This partnership will deliver to airport environments and critical infrastructures, efficient and innovative solutions for the early detection, classification and neutralization of heterogeneous UAS threats in complex environments.

International seminar: “Drones: Emerging threat vs. security”
Last 2nd and 3rd March, Ikusi and ART took part at the seminar “Drones: Emerging threat vs. security” that the Seguridad en América magazine organized at Mexico City. Ikusi’s LATAM Commercial Manager, Julio Martínez, and ART’s Engineer Director, José María Peña, were present.