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ART demonstrates the latest version of ART Midrange 3D, its radar for the detection of drones

  • The demonstration was held at DronePort, the airport and technological hub for development and innovation of drones in Belgium.

  • The radar provides the flight altitude of unmanned aerial vehicles.

  • It is the fourth generation of the product awarded at the USA MITRE Challenge in 2016.

Madrid, February 25, 2020.

ART has performed an additional field validation of ART Midrange 3D counter unmanned aerial systems (C-UAS) radar, a high-performance sensor that detects & tracks very small UAS kilometers away and that provides a direct measurement of their flight altitude.

In this demonstration exercise held at the DronePort technology center in Saint-Truiden (Belgium) and in the presence of representatives of NATO, the European Commission, the Belgian Ministry of Defense, Brussels Airport and the port of Antwerp, as well as different Belgian companies in the security and defense sector, ART presented, in collaboration with the Belgian company Senhive, the fourth generation of the system that was awarded in the MITRE Challenge of 2016.

ART Midrange 3D enables a more effective surveillance, monitoring and safety of air traffic. The radar has a 3D multi-beam antenna system and an additional high-power stage that makes possible the detection and tracking of small UAS at a distance of up to 3 kilometers and at a height of up to 1 kilometer. ART has also a long-range version that can detect a drone at more than 6 kilometers away.

ART Midrange 3D radar can be complemented with electro-optical platforms, radiofrequency sensors, countermeasure devices and ART HMI command and control software for an industry-leading integrated C-UAS solution. Thanks to this technological innovation, ART gives a solution to the safety and security challenges presented by the use of small UAS and to support upcoming unmanned traffic management (UTM) applications.

Recently, aviation authorities closed the airspace at Adolfo Suárez – Madrid Barajas international airport due to the presence of drones in a situation that jeopardized the security, defense and regulation of aviation around the Spanish capital.

ART Midrange 3D drone detection radar on DronePort


About ART

Advanced Radar Technologies (ART) develops state-of-the-art radar systems for Security, Defence and Space. Since its origin as a spin-off of the Microwave and Radar Research Group (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid), ART has been devoted to bridging the gap between the Academia and the Security, Defense and Space markets, engineering innovative technological solutions. ART supplies radars and integrated C-UAS systems that are currently in operation in several countries in Europe, South America and the Middle East.