ART Midrange

ART Midrange is a high-resolution radar system designed to address the demands of the Security and Defense market in two key applications: unregulated border surveillance and critical infrastructure protection.

With an instrumental detection range of 5000 meters, ART Midrange provides constant 24/7 wide area surveillance (78 km2) thus becoming a key element for modern sensor networks.

ART Midrange detects and tracks individuals and vehicles before, during and eventually after the trespassing of land borders or during their approach to security perimeter fences, walls or protection zones of critical infrastructure installations. The system maintains a high probability of detection for demanding targets such as individuals or low-profile vehicles while keeping an overall low false alarm rate.

ART Midrange adaptive detection algorithms provide outstanding performance regardless of the characteristics of a specific deployment scenario: i.e. landscape (plain, rough, presence of rivers, bays or lakes) or vegetation and for all-weather conditions (fog, snow, rain…).

The use of external sources of knowledge across all the levels of the system (geographic information, historic intrusion data) guarantees a high detection probability and false alarm rejection even in strong ground clutter environments (knowledge-aided sensor signal processing).

The ease of integration is another key benefit of ART Midrange. An internal Gigabit Ethernet Switch, external camera/unattended ground sensors interfaces or an XML-based protocol are some of the characteristics that allow a straightforward integration of the radar within a sensor network or preexisting security infrastructure.

Designed to improve the efficiency of its end users (Border Guards/CIP Security Services/Public Law Enforcement Services), ART Midrange features fully automatic operation (suitable for nontrained operators), remote management and is cost effective both for large and small scale deployments.

Type Wideband coherent Doppler CWLFM
Low Probability of Interception (LPI)
Frequency Band Ku
Bandwidth 1 GHz
Elevation Control

+/‐ 5 degrees fixed setting

Input Power

24 VDC (other options available)

RF Transmission Masking

Configurable azimuthal no RF transmission sectors


70 cm (diameter) x 70 cm (height)
(complete system: sensor, processor and comms)


40 Kg


Extended temperature range of operation
(-25ºC to +50ºC) - Standard
(-50ºC to +60ºC) - Upon request
Weather resistant sealing


Instrumental Detection Range 5000 meter
Coverage Area 78 km2
Azimuth Coverage 360 degrees
Target Types Personnel and vehicles, static or moving
Detection Range (pedestrian) Up to 4500 meter
Detection Range (vehicle) 5000 meter
Scan Rate 60 rpm (configurable)
Range Resolution 1 meter – 0.2 meter (configurable)
Range Accuracy 0.25 meter – 0.05 meter
  • Coherent integration - Doppler processing
  • Frequency agility
  • Knowledge-based radar signal processing
  • Adaptive clutter map
  • Track-before-detect


C3 Fully remote operation, configuration and
management. Extended built-in-test data.
Communications TCP/IP over Ethernet
Internal industrial grade Gigabit Ethernet switch
Protocol XML-based or NMEA0183. Easy integration into existing security
Output Data Intruder location, intruder type, intruder bearing
External connectors
(MIL DTL-38999)
1x operation (VDC, Ethernet, RS-232)
2x camera / external sensor integration
(VDC output, Ethernet)


Alternative operation modes Inverse Synthetic Aperture Radar (ISAR) imaging
Doppler signature extraction
Long range operation (10000 meter)
Digital raw radar video streaming
Customization options External connectors
Radome color
(Additional options upon customer request)


Key Facts

  • Applications

    • Border surveillance
    • Critical infrastructure protection
    • Military crisis deployments


    • Wide area surveillance
    • Fast scan rate
    • Early warning of intruders
    • Low false alarm rate
    • Automatic target detection
    • Network enabled
    • Single unit: weather sealed, compact and lightweight
    • Fast deployment
    • Cost effective


    • Broadband FMCW waveform
    • Coherent Doppler processing
    • Knowledge-based radar signal processing
    • State-of-the-art adaptive detection algorithms
    • Software defined radar architecture: field upgradable



Company Information

  • ADVANCED RADAR TECHNOLOGIES S.A - ART is the leading Spanish technology company in high performance ground surveillance radars, integrated multisensor surveillance and command & control systems for critical infrastructure protection and border surveillance.

    ART business model is based on more than 20 years of innovation in radar, millimeter-wave technology and systems engineering. The core research and development team of the company comes from the Microwave and Radar Research Group of the Polytechnic University of Madrid (UPM), with extensive experience developing radar and microwave solutions in close cooperation with key players in the Spanish and European Defense & Aerospace Industry. The systems engineering team of ART offers an experience of fifteen years working in the development and deployment of the pioneer Spanish Maritime Border Surveillance System (SIVE) and several other surveillance systems in Eastern Europe.