ART Drone Sentinel

ART Drone Sentinel is a high performance anti drone and small unmanned aerial vehicle integrated surveillance system. ART Midrange, a field proven state-of-the-art radar sensor, has been optimized for very low radar cross section airborne threat detection and tracking. The early detection, warning and tracking functionality provided by the radar is complemented by an optronic platform that features day & night classification capabilities. Both sensors are integrated in the same physical assembly that can be fast and conveniently deployed using a single mast. ART Drone Sentinel also includes an intuitive GIS-powered multi-sensor command and control software suite that provides a common operative picture for unsurpassed airspace situational awareness.

The widespread availability of low cost fully automatic micro drones has redefined the security risks of critical infrastructures, national borders and military bases. The detection, tracking and classification of small and low flying airborne threats has become a key operational requirement that can only be properly addressed by the deployment of high performance radar sensors tightly integrated with day & night electro-optical systems. ART Drone Sentinel is the answer to these needs: a single mast solution that provides round the clock, 360 degrees anti-drone surveillance with the fastest update rate in the market (1 Hz).

ART Drone Sentinel performance has been experimentally validated with representative targets under the supervision of a key European end-user. ART Drone Sentinel detects, tracks and classifies micro quadcopters and micro fixed-wing UAVs with radar cross sections below 0.005 m2 at 2000 meter range. In addition, the system can provide simultaneous ground based target detection & tracking.

Designed to improve the efficiency of its end users (Border Guards/CIP Security Services/Public Law Enforcement Services), ART Drone Sentinel features fully automatic operation (suitable for non-trained operators), remote management and is cost effective both for large and small scale deployments.


Type Wideband coherent Doppler CWLFM 
Low Probability of Interception (LPI)
Frequency Band


Transmitted Power

2W (Safe for human exposure)

Bandwidth 1 GHz
Instrumental Detection Range 5, 7, 10 Km
Azimuthal Coverage 360 degree
Scan Rate 60 rpm
Target Types

Low radar cross section airbone threats:
micro drones, UAVs, paragliders...
Groud based target: personnel and vehicles, static or moving

Minimun target size (RCS) 0.005 m2
Detection Range (Micro Drone) 2000 meters
Detection Range (Drone) 4000 meters
Detection Range (Small Aircraft)

Up to instrumental range


Coherent integration - Doppler processing
Frequency agility
Knowledge-based radar signal processing


Color Camera

CMOS 3.2 Mpixel
30x zoom

CCD 8Mpixel
10x zoom(100-1000mm)

Thermal Sensor Un-cooled micro bolometer 640x480
Thermal Camera Lenses

Fixed 100mm
Double Field of View 60/180 mm
Continous 28/225 mm zoom

Pan & Tilt

Azimuth: 360 degrees (continuous)
Elevation: +20 to -30 degrees
Max speed: 60 degrees per second


Geographic Information System (GIS)
Multi-sensor fusion
Radar, thermal/daylight camera and underground sensor integration (slew-to-cue)
User definable areas/virtual fences with automatic associated custom behaviours



Key Facts

  • Applications

    • Critical infrastructure protection
    • Defense & force protection
    • Border surveillance


    • Micro/nano drone & UAV detection, tracking and classification
    • Single unit with 360 degrees coverage
    • Wide area surveillance (>78Km2)
    • Single mast solution: radar + optronics
    • Fast radar scan rate (60 rpm)
    • Day and night camera system
    • Automatic target detection, tracking and camera-radar integration (slew-to-cue)
    • Custom multi-sensor command and control software


    • High resolution FMCW waveform
    • True LPI (virtually undetectable)
    • Simultaneous Doppler and clutter map processing
    • State-of-the-art automatic adaptative detection algorithms
    • Built-in multi-target tracker
    • Un-cooled low maintenance thermal imager


Company Information

  • ADVANCED RADAR TECHNOLOGIES S.A - ART is the leading Spanish technology company in high performance ground surveillance radars, integrated multisensor surveillance and command & control systems for critical infrastructure protection and border surveillance.

    ART business model is based on more than 20 years of innovation in radar, millimeter-wave technology and systems engineering. The core research and development team of the company comes from the Microwave and Radar Research Group of the Polytechnic University of Madrid (UPM), with extensive experience developing radar and microwave solutions in close cooperation with key players in the Spanish and European Defense & Aerospace Industry. The systems engineering team of ART offers an experience of fifteen years working in the development and deployment of the pioneer Spanish Maritime Border Surveillance System (SIVE) and several other surveillance systems in Eastern Europe.